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Case Study
Client: Nestle

Nestle Mega Brands: Point-Of-Sale

The Problem

Back to school is an exciting time. It's the start of a new year, full of hopes and dreams for both moms and their kids. And our moms want to provide the best they can - a school lunch that their kids love to eat, and that provides them with the nutrition they need to help them achieve those hopes and dreams. But this is also a busy and often expensive time, making the challenge of providing a healthy school lunch increasingly difficult, especially when you might not know about the nutritional benefits of different products.

The Brief

To entrench Nestlé Mega Brands as a complete back to school solution for shopper. (Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Treats). Create a strong Call to Action / Campaign line to disrupt shopper and trigger purchase of Nestlé Power Brand, and own critical in-store assets, with focus on Supers A, B and Hypers. (Shoprite, Checkers, and Checkers Hyper)

The Solution

Show moms just how easy Nestlé makes it for them to provide their child with back to school snacks, meals and drinks that tick all the boxes: tasty, nutritious and affordable. At the same time, educate them on the nutritional benefits of the products through the use of simple, eye-catching graphics. Tie this all together with messaging that appeals to a mom’s desire to provide the best for her child and the desire to see them flourish as they grow and learn.

Using a fun and playful sticker-like device was created. The Key Visual encompasses the Nestlé Mega Brand products as the focal point, with cartoon like stationery exploding out the backpack. The colours used are selected from based off of Nestlé products represented.

The Results

Still going to market

In-Store Executions