Our Work


For Winter 2019, Game (South Africa’s beloved retailer) wanted to drive feet in-store and increase sales over a time when sales are historically depressed. They briefed us to create in-store theatre, whilst driving online brand awareness and prize redemption.

The Hub

They approached us in 2018, asking us to refresh their brand instore and on digital, relaunching in the SA market, with limited budget, aiming to reach a youth audience across LSM categories, showcasing value as the core brand message but in a fashionable way.

New Balance Dubai

We were tasked with taking the New Balance Soft Foam 2020 artwork and applying it in retail stores (Dubai).We were given certain areas to brand within store to maximise impact. The goal was to do a brand activation,not a stock holding exercise.


Graduate Day Recruitment Video

To film the graduate recruitment days from Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban, as well as include Africa and Mauritius grad days in a unique way.


Nestle Mega Brands: Point-Of-Sale

To entrench Nestlé Mega Brands as a complete back to school solution for shopper. (Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Treats). Create a strong Call to Action / Campaign line to disrupt shopper and trigger purchase of Nestlé Power Brand, and own critical in-store assets, with focus on Supers A, B and Hypers. 


To develop a concept for the LEGO® brand
to engage shoppers and their children over the 2018 festive season for Gateway and then adapted for Eastgate Mall.

Accelerate Academies

Accelerate Academies wanted to bring a whole new type of education to lower LSM households, earning less than R10,000 per month. The programme aimed to emulate private school standards of schooling through forward-thinking learning techniques, using technology and with smaller classes. The tasked us with developing a campaign which captured the attention of a lower LSM audience, encouraging them to want to sign up and send their children to this new school.


Our client tasked us with developing a technology solution that would be useful to target consumers, so they could find activities, restaurants and bars that were relevant to them and their friends based on their interests, activities and previous history.


Nespresso’s aim is to offer a range of high quality coffees to suit every taste preference.
The continuous effort by Nespresso to do so, offered the opportunity to provide coffees that go beyond the origin and are a result of special harvesting & processing methods that enhance the coffee’s innate flavours to give a unique flavour profile.The result is the new Master Origin range.

Iconic Collective

We are 7 agencies with one voice, operating as a collective of creative businesses. Our expertise encompasses shopper marketing; public relations and reputation management; UX/UI design; software and enterprise development; creative conceptual and design; experiential and event management; print and packaging design and production; digital and paid media strategy; and 2D & 3D animation with full post-production services.