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What is the Collective Drip, I hear you ask?

I am sure nobody said that, really cares, or has even asked the question, but I am writing this and it’s now in your eyeballs and therefore you are at the mercy of my ramblings for the amount of time you choose to continue to read this drivel, so that’s on you. Obviously I’m only calling it drivel because I enjoy being falsely self-deprecating, but really I think it’s all fantastic and you’re missing out on utter genius if you choose to ignore it and I’ll be heartbroken. That being said, if you don’t want to receive this in the future, just don’t sign up and I won’t be offended. Really. I won’t.

This weekly email will cover all manner of topics

In this sacred text, I’ll look at all sorts of things, such as the latest movies (this probably won’t happen because I never watch anything that other people tell me to watch and therefore never see the latest films, but you can keep hoping).

You can actually look forward to great podcast recommendations; series I think are brilliant; epic adverts; the best content online right now (according to me that is, so take that from whence it comes) and everything in between.

Each week I will look at 7 things from the past week – I suppose that’s one for every day of the week, but really the number is totally arbitrary and I just picked it because I had seven things I wanted to share for the first week I wrote this, and it seems like as good a number as any. 

It will be riddled with my opinions and therefore completely chock full of my biased left-wing, vegan, tea-totalling, homosexual thoughts. How exciting for you. 

On the other side of that, it will also be full of helpful, hopeful and interesting things that you can potentially use to spark those little grey cells into overdrive through:

  • Mimicry (“Holy smokes Batman, that’s a really cool idea, let’s steal that!”)
  • Simple idolisation (“Wow, what an epic campaign/ thought/ thing! I wish I’d thought of that!”)
  • Or even through insights that really just make you think a little…

So without further ado, dive right in.  The water’s warm!

  • Carla Gontier

  • Editor in Chief