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Case Study
Client: The Hub

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The Problem

THE HUB is a fashion retailer based in South Africa. They wanted to engage a youth audience, but the brand was mostly seen as a traditional, old-fashioned, frumpy brand that was exclusively for a lower LSM (predominantly female) older audience (35+).

The Brief

They approached us in 2018, asking us to refresh their brand instore and on digital, relaunching in the SA market, with limited budget, aiming to reach a youth audience across LSM categories, showcasing value as the core brand message but in a fashionable way.

Our Response

Fashion is fast moving, fun and all about the lifestyle. The previous brand was generic and repetitive, so we decided to develop a seasonal campaign-based brand that was relevant and on trend, moving with the fast-paced nature of fashion, giving flexibility to the brand at every moment, whilst maintaining their own look.

Our seasonally-focused campaign plan that aimed to look at global trends, and follow them with fun, fresh and unique in-store assets and an online presence that was tactical, playful and delivered relevant content to a youth audience, through engaging with lifestyle influencers to co-create content, as well as develop our own playful tone of voice on social. We drove in-store theatre through competitions and cardboard cut-outs of our characters so people could engage with them across touch points, including in-store.

To save on budget, we stacked landscape video in a portrait format to fit social media, creating cut downs and digital iterations based on locally-relevant events such as load-shedding.We refreshed their stores, bringing them in line with global retail trends and creating a funky look and feel that highlighted key merchandise.

We even helped them relaunch denim back into stores, through working with their fashion consultant, we identified key drivers in styles and the fit of denim products relevant to the South Africa market, as well as key communications trends, and the focus of in-store layouts, moving away from the old-fashioned styles that did not fit well, thereby helping them compete in this space with key competitors like Mr P, Cotton On, H&M and The Fix.

The Results

Between April 2018 and April 2019, there was a 41,566% increase in reach.

Content reached roughly 493 people per month on average in 2018, versus reaching 28,950 people per month in 2019. Video content began to dominate, and by October 2019, we are now crafting over 60 unique pieces of content per month for the brand on digital, using various formats such as Instagram and Facebook stories, static content, GIFs and lifestyle imagery, reaching over 375,000 people per month with our content.

On Instagram, through organic content, we have managed to grow the account from 5,534 at the beginningof February 2019, to 8,650 in 2019, a growth of 56%.

Foot traffic increased month on month into stores, with an overall 32.3% increase in footfall to THE HUB stores between April 2018 and October 2019, whilst reopening 2 stores, opening 3 additional stores and relaunching denim back into the group.

Denim Relaunch In-Store

Digital Video

Digital Assets

Digital assets included: Instagram posts; Facebook posts; Twitter posts (including Christopher automated response posts targeting competitor keywords); FB and IG stories; carousel ads; collection ads; interactive (canvas) ads; emailers; YouTube artwork and videos; GSP search ads; GDN banners and homepage banners, each requiring different iterations every week over a three-week period.

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