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Case Study
Client: Accelerate Academies

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The Problem

How do you reach a lower LSM audience, encouraging them to move their children away from regular schools, to a brand new school, which educates children in a completely different way to what they might be used to?

The Brief

Accelerate Academies wanted to bring a whole new type of education to lower LSM households, earning less than R10,000 per month. The programme aimed to emulate private school standards of schooling through forward-thinking learning techniques, using technology and with smaller classes. The tasked us with developing a campaign which captured the attention of a lower LSM audience, encouraging them to want to sign up and send their children to this new school.

Our Response

We conceptualised a campaign which focused on the insight that this brand was rethinking education – we were essentially asking our audience to rethink the way they think about school, whilst also promoting the notion that Accelerate Academies ReThinks education. We got to work, designing a brand new look for the school which crafted a more playful, fun image talking to the innovative learning techniques, crafting a logo and brand guidelines, moving them away from the very corporate look and feel they were working within.

We then developed a plan to amplify the new school online through this more exciting brand, as well as developed an educational infographic video to highlight this new learning platform – a first in South Africa - and which also acted as a lead-generation vehicle, drive people to their website where they could sign up for open days.

The Results

We reached more than 660,000 people with a media budget of R50,000.

We achieved over 9,200 engagements through video and static content, both on page and in-feed, and drove over 300 leads to the Accelerate Academies website via lead generation adverts on Facebook, getting people to request more information and book open days with the school.

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