The Drip Edition 14

GUTEN TAG Fresh off the back of our company conference at the end of last week, I feel newly invigorated with the joy of work life. I’ve had blinkers on the past few months, focusing on getting (and keeping) it all together, and haven’t actually stopped to take a look around at the larger picture […]

The Drip Edition 13

Sjoe. What a week. (have I said this every week for the past two months?) Well, it was. It’s now Monday morning and I am frantically trying to finish this, after getting about 98% of the way there last night. I spent the week last week writing case studies for an RFI (request for information), […]

The Drip Edition 12

Ahoy, and welcome to what is now officially SILLY SEASON! As I type this, it is pouring with rain in Cape Town (and now I am in Durban and it is also raining, and also I have just felt an earth tremor?!), and the work is raining down upon us (no subtle metaphors here). I […]

The Drip Edition 11

Hello comrades (not sure why I went Soviet there – perhaps a reaction to capitalist NYC?)   I am back from my travels, refreshed and have jumped right back into the lunacy of work. How exhilarating! I am sure most of you don’t need telling, but New York is a crazy place (I know – […]

The Drip Edition 10

“Don’t call me, I’ll call you.” This is not – despite what those of you who know me might think – a plea for people to stop phoning me. I am in fact off to New York next week, and I’ll be taking a three week break from The Drip as I swan about New […]

The Drip Edition 9

Hey guys, You may have noticed we skipped last week. I am sorry. Can you forgive me? I was quite sick and travelling and working on a number of different projects all week, and by the time I landed at 4:45pm on Friday afternoon, I was just too shattered and sick to even contemplate writing […]

The Drip Edition 8

I don’t really know what to say about this week. It has been incredibly busy and a little frustrating. It was one of those hurry-up-and-wait weeks, where you mission to do things and then don’t hear back from the people who urgently needed you to work on the things. C’est la (advertising) vie. But in […]

The Drip Edition 7

Welcome back to all you wonderful humans😊 It’s Friday and that means it’s THE COLLECTIVE DRIP TIME! And obviously (less exciting than my newsletter, but still a thrill) – the weekend! This week I have been working on some exciting new projects, including a data and analytics business project, as well as a new project […]

The Drip Edition 6

It’s FRIIIIIDAAAYYYY! I’m in an exceptionally good mood today, mostly because it’s finally not raining in Cape Town, and the weather is perfectly crisp and still. This week I stuck to my promise (mostly) and journaled every day. It felt super productive and helped me organise my thoughts in a clear and structured way, and […]

The Drip Edition 5

This week my colleague Olivia (Iconic Collective’s ECD) and I attended the Facebook Future Of Retail event hosted in Cape Town. There were talks from a number of industry leaders, including Bruno Bertrand, Digital Commerce & Marketing Director at Estée Lauder. It was very insightful and I think it reinforced a lot about what we […]
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